Long-term bonus effects of event statues!

We have some great news for our loyal and hard-working players!

With the start of the Xmas event 2018, all event statues constructed in 2018 and all futures ones will provide you long-term bonuses in the game!

From now on the level of your event statue will define the value of your long-term bonus. Check out the following information!

Statue Effect description Bonus per statue level in %
Christmas tree Tournament point bonus 1
Cupid statue Mixing and breeding cost discount 1
Easter bunny Mixing and breeding time discount 1
Birthday cake Improved stealing chances 0.5
Football cup Loot bonus 1
Sand castle Tournament point bonus 1
Scarecrow Loot bonus 1
Gingerbread house Boss battle help card boost 1
Scary house Improved attacking chances 0.5


1. A player who has built all the statues starting December 2017 will receive all the bonuses mentioned above starting with Xmas 2018 celebration.

2.A player who has built some of the possible statues will receive the bonuses for all his statues from the table above.

3. A player who has built all the statues available in the game starting Decemer 2017, will be able to build a second Xmas tree starting with Xmas event in 2018. If the level of the Xmas statue will top the level of his previous christmas tree, the new bonus will overwrite the old one. If the recent statue level does not top the previous one, the old bonus remains active.


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