World Cup Event

Football is awesome! In the great World Cup event in Cats Empire you can collect nice rewards and design your yard with a golden trophy statue. Level it up by playing the game!

The maximum level of the trophy statue statue is 10. You can increase the statue level by collecting rarities while raiding enemy yards. The rarity items are different for each event in Cats Empire. For World Cup event you need to collect footballs.

You will be rewarded with footballs, if you visit the second and third room of an enemy yard. To enter the second or third room, you need to find keys. Keys are hidden in fish piles, or inside a cat's pocket. If you use the scanner item, you can find out which cat or fish pile hides the keys in each room. Or just try your luck and find the keys by yourself! Once you have collected enough keys for the next room to be opened, visit the next room by clicking on the yellow arrow on the right side of the screen. You will be instantly rewarded with your rarities and they will be automatically added to your statue progress.

With events, you also have the opportunity to collect a nice costume set. Of course, for World Cup event it is a fan costume: Fan shirt, fan cap, sportive glasses and soccer boots! Cats always go in style!

Event costumes grant +20% more tournament points for each piece (up to a toal of 80%), so you should focus on playing especially during events!

By the way, you can also visit the shop and get the jersey of your favorite team: Germany, USA, Brazil, Poland, Ukraine, Spain, France, Italy, Argentina, England, Russia, Portugal.

Let’s go!

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