In Cats Empire you can collect awesome accessory items to customize your cats with.

Some items only add a cosmetic effect to your cats and have no impact on your statistics in the game. These items are regular items. There are also premium and event items, which boost the statistics a bit.

Items can be obtained from boss battles and lucky parcels. All items are distributed across 6 tiers plus the event tier. The chance for an item to drop after a boss battles depends on the level of the boss. These chances differ for every boss level section (6 to 11, 11 to 20, 21 to 35, 36 to 50, 51 to 75, 75 to 100 and 100+).

Example 1: The chances for beginner items, such as the sailor shirt, are 50 % in fights with bosses from level 6 to 10 and decrease for every higher boss level section.

Example 2: A tier 6 item, such as the Cylinder hat, cannot be obtained until level 36 (but from lucky boxes), but the chances to obtain this item increase for every following boss level section.

There are also special costume sets, such as the spy collection, being offered as special sale from time to time.

In short: The higher the boss level you currently face, the higher the probability of a rare item to drop.

Premium customization: Silver and gold items (permanent effect):
There are several premium items with a permanent effect in Cats Empire. They are divided into silver items (mild effect) and gold items (strong effect).

Item name Picture Effect
Khaki helmet
Silver version:
+5% chance to kill

Gold version:
+7% chance to kill

Feather headdress

-10% of attack price

Golden crown Silver version:
+10% of tournament scores

Gold version:
+15% of tournament scores
Brown cap +5% chance to steal
Green glasses Silver version:
+5% of tournament scores

Gold version:
+10% of tournament scores
Bulletproof vest 10% avoid injury state chance
Raggy suit +3% chance to steal
Khaki suit Silver version:
+5% chance to kill

Gold version:
+7% chance to kill
Sneakers s3.png Silver version:
+5% tournament score

Gold version:
+10% tournament score
Khaki boots s4.png Silver version:
+5% chance to kill

Gold version:
chance to kill

Event items (effect on the game for event duration):

The effect for all three items is cumulative, meaning you can increase your tournament points by up to 60 %.

Christmas set

Name Picture Effect
Elf hat h24.png +20% tournament score
Elf glasses g10.png +20% tournament score
Elf suit b17.png +20% tournament score
Elf shoes s10.png +25% boss damage

St. Valentine's set

Name Picture Effect
 Cupid's halo  h25.png  +20% tournament score
 Cupid's cheekies  g11.png  +20% tournament score
 Cupid's cloth  b18.png  +20% tournament score
Winged sandals s15.png +20% boss damage


Easter set

 Bunny ears
 h26.png  +20% tournament score
 Bunny cheeks
 g12.png  +20% tournament score
 Bunny suit
 b19.png  +20% tournament score
Fluffy shoes s17.png +25% Boss damage

Party set

Party hat
 h27.png +20% tournament score
Party glasses
 g13.png +20% tournament score
Party bib
 b20.png +20% tournament score
Party shoes
s8.png +25% boss damage


World Cup Set

Fan cap
 h29.png +20% tournament score
Sporty glasses
 g15.png +20% tournament score
Fan shirt
 b22regular.png +20% tournament score
Football shoes
s11.png +20% tournament score


Swimming cap
 h28.png +20% tournament score
 g14.png +20% tournament score
Swimming tube
 b21.png +20% tournament score
s9.png +25% Boss damage

 Harvest set

Straw hat
 h30.png +20% tournament score
Old glasses
 g16.png +20% tournament score
 b23.png +20% tournament score
Farm boots
s12.png +25% boss damage

 Oktoberfest event

Bavarian hat
 h31.png +20% tournament score
Helena's wig
 h32.png +15% boss damage
Traditional pants
 b24.png +20% tournament score
b25.png +15% boss damage
Dancing shoes
s13.png +20% tournament score


Halloween event

Witch hat
 h33.png +20% tournament score
Spider glasses
 g17.png +15% boss damage
Witch dress
 b26.png +20% tournament score
Witch shoes
s14.png +15% Boss-Schaden


St. Patricks's Day

Irish hat
 h34.png +5% Steal chance
Irish glasses
 g18.png +5% Steal chance
Irish bow tie
 b27.png +5% Steal chance
Green boots

+5% Steal chance


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