Mobile login / Social network login

Connecting your mobile game to social networks not only saves your game progress and lets you play the same account on all devices. It also allows for extended social features you can enhance your game experience in Cats Empire with!

1. How to connect my mobile game to Facebook or other social networks?

a) Download Cats Empire to your smartphone from the Google Play or Apple App Store
b) Go to the options menu (if you just downloaded the game, skip this step)
c) Choose a social network to connect your account with
d) Login with your social network credentials
e) Your game progress is now connected to your social network account

2. How to disconnect my mobile game from a social network and login with another account?

a) Delete and reinstall the app on your device
b) After starting the app, you will see the main menu and can choose another social network
c) You can also choose to play without social network connection after reinstalling the app

3. How to start a brandnew game?

a) On iOS you can touch the play button to start a brandnew game after reinstalling the app
b) On Android, you will get to the previous account by touching play button after reinstalling the app. You may start a brandnew account in a social network of your choice and then link this account to the app in the game (see step 1). Also a hard-reset of your device would help you to start with a brandnew account.

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