Who is Felix?

Felix is a quiet famous street cat and you might hear from him sometime in the game or even on social media.

Felix is a clever cat and once sneaked into the Cats Empire offices and made a post on upcoming content in the game. We still do not know how he managed to start our computer and how he logged into our account. We are trying to lure him into the office again to talk to him, there is always a small bowl of fresh milk ready for him on the floor. But every morning, the bowl is empty and there is no trace of Felix. Well, not directly: He throws paper on the floor, bites toilet paper rolls to pieces and rearranges pictures on the wall. So we know he is always coming back!

There is only one existing picture of Felix we know of. He manipulated our christmas graphic set. As you can see below, he photoshopped himself into the christmas tree. We think you do not need to be afraid of Felix, he is a nice cat, but remember he is curious, chatty, cheeky and likes to mock other cat players. Felix is a master of camouflage and it might happen, that he appears into totally different fur color and different outfits...

So please do not hurt him and be nice to Felix!

And Felix, if you read this: Talk to us, we have a nice big fish for you in the freezer!

Who has seen Felix?


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