Cat Strategies

Visit this strategy guide from time to time and get the best tips on Cats Empire!

The best cat for the job
When trying to steal something from your enemy or knock out a cat, check if the best cat for the job is preselected. It is not recommended to attack a weak cat with one of your strongest cats, you might need the stronger cat for a stronger enemy. This also goes for fish piles. It does not make sense to grab a level 3 fish pile with a level 20 cat. Do not loose sight of what you want to achieve. It is recommended to have a plan before attacking an enemy. Do I need fish or charms? Do I want to get to room number 2 or 3, do I want to steal a safe? When clicking on a fish pile or an enemy cat, make use of the cat selection option by clicking on the yellor arrow on the left and right of the cat face.

Make use of the supermix
Did you know, you can supermix cats? Click on the merge button after clicking on one of your cats (left symbol). On the right side, you will find the result cat you can achieve by merging your existing cat. But: Above its head, you will find the supermix button. By supermixing, you can create an extra mighty cat breed!

Skill distribution
Some players provide only one skill to each cat. And after a while and some merges, you will have a cat with all skills. Other players provide all skills to a cat and then merge it with other cats, so they can control the skill points on each cat from the very beginning of their game progress. No matter which doctrine you will follow, it is recommended to have cat specialists for each attacking, stealing, defending and in intelligence.

Right amount of cats?
There is no best amount of cats players should own. The more and better your cat gang, of course, the better your results. In the beginning, it makes sense to have some more weaker cats, so you can perform many attacking and stealing attempts in the enemy’s yard and also to have enough cats to merge them.

Power-leveling weak cats
A good strategy to level up weaker cats is to attack the enemy with a strong cat gang, but also to make use of weaker cats. Once you have neutralized all cats in the enemy yard, your stealing ability will dramatically improve. Now it is the best time to make use of your weaker rats. Let them steal the largest fish piles and see how their experience increases. This stronger the enemy, the better the effects of this strategy. And you can gain even more effects out of it, if you concentrate on the enemies with a red frame around them on the map. They often provide x2 loot!

Use the ranking pyramide
If you want to increase your level and ranking position, it is highly recommended to make proper use of the ranking pyramide. Click on the profile images on the pyramide. You can either collect your tournament point share from friends or poke inactive friends and also gain some points once they start playing again. The more friends, the better. You can easily collect many thousand points this way – in a few minutes, without a risk and without consuming resources. The maximum amount of points you can collect as share from one (!) friend are 10.000.

Watch out for events
Evens not only offer nice discounts and bonuses, also watch out for unique sets of costumes you can boost your tournament points with.

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Make new neighbors
The more neighbors in Cats Empire, the better. As stated above, you can collect immense amounts of tournament points as a share from your active friends, and also motivate inactive players to play again – and collect a reward from them too. You can easily find new friends in fan-created cat groups on social media platforms and on the official fan page on Facebook or on the famous russian networks VK and OK. Just write a comment and ask!

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