What are clans?
A clan is a group of cat players, who are deeply connected and want to conquer Whiskertown together. Clans are available from player level 10. In a clan formation, players can plan their attacks even better and form a strong band of cats. Fight together, protect each other and take care of business in town!

How to obtain and what to do with Clan money?
Clans in Cats Empire have an own currency, bucks. Bucks can be earned by each clan in the tournament and by beating clan bosses. The better the results, the more bucks clans can obtain. Bucks payout will be calculated every Monday, so you can prepare for a nice fight over the weekends. Every clan member gets the same payout. Bucks can be used in the clan shop, which features regular, but also unique item sets. The clan shop is open only for clan members.

How does a clan work and how to find one?
Each player can create his own clan, or join an existing formation. The maximum amount of clan members is 10. Clan leaders can invite members to their clan from their friends list and also kick members of their clan. Clan leadership can be transferred to a clan member in one of the updates after the initial release of the clan feature. Each clan often has certain rules, you need to read and adapt to. Some clans want all daily tasks to be completed, others want to gain the maximum position in the ranking. It’s totally up to you what you want to achieve and which clan migh fit best for you. Check out the social networks for Cats Empire groups, where you’ll find plenty of information on clans looking for new members.

The Clan feature structure
The clan feature in Cats Empire is divided into the following sections:

- In the info section, you can find all necessary information on your existing clan or the clan you chose to be a member in.

- The leaderboard shows the 50 currently best performing clans. In the search tab you can look for certain clan names. The amount of tournament points from the last 30 days will be considered and only clans can make it into the leaderboard with at least 8 members.

- The search function allows you to search for clan names.

- In the clan chat, you can discuss strategies and tips with your clan mates – or simply have a nice random chat, to get to know each other better. Please behave in clan chat and only talk like you’d also talk to your friends. We’re all one big cat family and only want to have fun together, even if the clan feature is a competitive one in Cats Empire.

Clan rewards
Of course, being a clan member in Cats Empire, you can collect some nice rewards. The higher your ranking position and your clan points, the higher the rewards you‘ll receive. The 1% of the best clans will receive the highest possible rewards. The next 9% will be given also very tasty rewards, the next 30 % will still receive a nice reward. The lowest 60 % will receive the lowest reward, but its even big enough to be competitive.

If you think you miss your clan reward, please just log out of the game and restart it. The reward then will be automatically credited to your account!

Clan daily quests
Daily quests for clans will come into the game after the initial release of the clan feature.

...and now?
Now found a clan or join an existing one, step out into Whiskertown and keep on fighting!



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