The safe is a building in Cats Empire and is unlocked after completing the tutorial missions. The safe is a storage for precious tournament points.

The safe can be stolen and cracked by enemy players. A cat from the attack group on a raid can be assigned to steal a safe. Safes can be found in the third stage of the yards.

A safe is stolen successfully, if the whole raid is successfull. After returning to the own yard, the safe can be cracked by a cat from the thief. From this time on, the owner can retrieve his safe.

As long as the owner does not own his safe, he is getting 50 % less tournament points for actions. If the safe was opened successfully by the thief, the owner looses some tournament points additionally. The owner will get this amount of tournament points back, if he successfully retrieves his safe.

Stealing enemy safes can grant the player a nice amount of tournament points, but if his own safe is stolen, he will loose tournament points.

The safe can be upgraded with different enhancements to prevent the thief from stealing it.

No safe is being displayed in the enemy yard when one of these options apply: It is currently stolen, the owner did not reach the minimum amount of tournament points, the tournament almost ends or the safe has already been stolen within the last 8 hours.

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