In order to level up your tools or to upgrade your safe, you’ll need artefacts. These are precious items and consist of several smaller items. These items, joined together, add up to a complete collection and on top of this collection, you’ll find the legendary artefact.

You can level up your tools in the laboratory. You’ll obtain the safe, after you’ve played through all tutorial missions.

In Cats Empire, there are different collections, artefacts and items. Check out this little overview:

Toolbox artefact
consists of: Tape, Screw, Pliers, Saw, Tools

Palette artefact
consists of: Turnip, Brush, Carrot, Bottle, Muddler

Pefurme artefact
consists of: Respirator, Pot, Garlic, Gloves, Soap

Kitten artefact
consist of: Button, Thimble, Woolball, Yarn, Bow-Tie

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