Which tools exist in game?

Tools for stealing:

gloves can be combined with fork or net


Tools for attacking:

golf club
tools can't be combined with each others


Scanner Tool:

This tool is needed for revealing hidden keys on enemy field. The tool is available when nothing is selected on enemy field. After activating (clicking/tapping) on scanner. the keys that were hidden appear. The tool is blocked if 2 keys are already collected and is first available from Player Level 5. 


Time machine Tool:

Insurance tool for risky stealing and stuffing: if its activated and stealing or knocking out an enemy cat have FAILED, the time machine is activated and it returned the game back to the starting point before such unsuccessful attack/stealing. Then, you can try again, but not the same action with the same other tools - it won't work and you will get a warning. 


With tools, you can increase your chances to successfully knock out enemy cats in order to obtain precious souls and to steal some tasty fish.

The higher your success chance, the less the risk you’ll get busted. Plan your attack. Choose the best cat for the job and pick your target wisely. Some tools might come in handy too!

You can see them in the lower right corner, when you click on an enemy cat. Use the pipe, the bat or the golf club to increase your attacking chances.

See stealing tools in the lower right corner, when you click on a pile of fish. With the glove, the net or the fork you’ll increase your stealing chances – and thus obtain your essential supply line! And no matter if you want to attack or steal, in both cases use the mighty time machine to rewind a failed attacking attempt!





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