How does pouncing (cat-fighting) work?

The pounce starts with the first alleyway section and objects placed in it. Every room contains 2 to 6 fish piles (or fish boxes) and the size of the fishbox depends on the level of the attacker.  

To go to the next alleyway section and get access to higher level cats and more fish you need to get the necessary number of keys. You do that by pouncing on cats or looting fishpiles marked with the key icon. The Last room doesn't contain key-marked objects.

Every section of the alleyway has a different level of reward and difficulty

  • 1st alleyway: reward х1, difficulty x1
  • 2nd alleyway: reward x2, difficulty x1,4
  • 3rd alleyway: reward x3, difficulty x1,7

Your pounce session ends in one of 3 ways

  • you click on "finish/back"
  • fail to loot fish 3 times
  • you have no more cats to attack with

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